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We are thoroughly impressed with Vapour Solutions and their excellent service.  Our first experience of ordering was unbelievable.  I signed up on-line on Friday afternoon at 1pm. Exactly 4 hours later I received my tracking number via email.  My $100 order was sent via express post and charged to my credit card as requested.  Wow, to my astonishment a notification from Canada Post was in my mailbox at 8:30am on Monday in rural Alberta.  All contents were received in good order.  Can't get any better service than that.
Thanks Vapour Solutions!
Gail from Alberta

E-mail to my family: “I rolled a nice, tempting cigarette and put it on my desk two days ago, only a couple days after I started using my new super high-tech Vaporizer - (works like the gum or the patch, just nicotine vapor without the incredibly hazardous smoke) - and it's still there! Hooray! I can't believe it! First time in my life I ever quit cigarettes without even planning to, or even trying, or making any effort at all, and without the slightest discomfort. It just did it for me! I can't tell you how incredibly grateful I am for these things. I’m already feeling better, and they’re fun! I just wanted to share. WOW! I just quit cigarettes easy as pie!”
Thank you so much Kate and Trevor at Vapour Solutions in Nanaimo. You folks are two of the best, most well informed, professional and friendliest sales people I’ve ever met. You’re helping individuals add years to their lives. How important is that! Thank you so much.
Marcus from Nanaimo, B.C.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the good people at VS ...You have been excellent to me and Nadine is the best ... I love this company.  It's shipping is next to none ... The response time for answers is almost immediate ... and all of the people are there to please the customer ... This is the single most excellent company I have dealt with online ... Once again thanks so much Vapour Solutions ... you rock. This is a testimony that I had to write as this is the only e-cig company I deal with online ... second to none.  Once again Thank You Vapour Solutions.
Mark from Ontario

I’ve been a smoker 23 years until just last week when I bought my first e-cig from Vapour Solutions. Quitting real cigarettes was instant for me. I saw instant change in my breathing, the way I smelled and the way I was treated by others.
I have had asthma attacks now for a couple of years and found it difficult to put down cigarettes. I also felt bad inside because it was making my asthma worse. Now I can puff on this device in my home or in the car and around other people without feeling ashamed. I am also saving $250 a month using this amazing device.
Being new to the e-cig world, it can be a bit confusing with all the choices available. Kevin and Nadine helped me find the perfect starter kit at a very fare price. I recommend to all smokers to give up burning tobacco and start vaping, you will love it!
John 39 Victoria, B.C.
Not only have I had great success with e-cig products in my quest to replace smoking analog cigarettes (this has been the only thing that has worked - and I have tried everything several times to no avail!), my family has lived through the transition with no adverse effects. They would be the first to tell you that when Mom tries to quit, it's usually not a pretty sight. I would get moody, angry, and just plain nasty after only 3 days or so. I'm on my third month with e-cigs, and nobody could be happier!

I used to get my supplies elsewhere, until I found Vapour Solutions. I will never go to another supplier again. They not only have great customer service, but they have great prices for the things I need on a daily basis. Their selection of e-juice comes second to none in my books, and I will keep coming back as long as they'll let me. Thanks!
Stephanie from Gatineau, Quebec
"I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 27 yrs of age.. I started smoking when I was 12 yrs old; over these years I have smoked between 1 - 2 packs a day.  I had the attitude that if you're going to smoke make sure you smoke the strongest,
" Export A green full flavor". Ever since being diagnosed I have tried many ways to quit smoking; all methods have failed, at first I thought it was because I had no will-power, which has proofen wrong. I have spent an insane amount of money on these methods with no success.  I have been using the E cig for 2 weeks with great success.

The methods I tried to quit was, nicorette gum - this failed due to missing my morning coffee and cig (hand to mouth habit), nicorette inhaler- this didn't work; it had no smoke on the exhale and the sensation that I was used to. I tried Zyban perscription - this had way too many negative side effects- nightmares, sweating, etc. then I tried Champix starter pack, which was suggested to me for it doesn't have all the negative side effects as Zyban.  With both of these prescriptions you smoke your cigarettes for the first 10 - 14 days, and these are supposed to trick your mind ( turn the recepters off that trigger your cravings); well it didn't work, I smoked for a month while taking these. it clearly stated that if you continue to smoke while on these to stop taking the perscription. I also used the various forms of patches to quit smoking.
My common law spouse, Dr's, family and friends are so pleased that I was determined to find a way to switch from smoking which is the E cig, so now that I am using the E- cig, they are very pleased and happy, that they support it.

It has worked for me, also it is far cheaper/ less expensive in the long run than the other methods of quitting; you have the pleasure and satisfaction as if you were still smoking a regular cigarette, with the benefits of it being far more healthier to your body with no side effects. The only thing I will say that you will honestly have for the first week is coughing up all the junk from you lungs (tar etc ) that is it."
Sincerely, Katt
Nanaimo, BC

"Switching to E-cigarettes was the best thing I've ever done! I no longer have a smoker's cough, my sinuses have cleared up, my taste buds have improved, and I genuinely feel so much healthier. I will never go back to tobacco cigarettes. And the best thing is, I can puff indoors without offending anyone - there's no smoke and no odor. I get my cigarette fix using an alternative non-offensive way. No longer do I have to go outside in the cold and rain - I feel free!"
 Barb C., Victoria, BC