Is Temperature Control the Next Big Thing in Vaping

Posted by Greg on 9/23/2015 to Discussions


Reduces dry hits and prevents production of acrolein by keeping the vaping temperature below 520F which is the temperature a soaked coil will begin to char. PG begins to vaporize around 380F while VG does at 350F. Harmful by-products such as acrolein are produced around 520F. The best vaping experience is usually between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Allows more control over flavour as it maintains a steady heat. Once you have found the sweet spot for a flavour, you are able to maintain it and enjoy your liquids more thoroughly.


Nickel wire is extremely low in resistance and can easily cause a runaway thermal reaction when used with an unregulated device that cannot handle the low resistance of nickel builds.

Nickel and Titanium wire can oxidise and the by-products may be dangerous. Nickel wire produces nickel oxide which is proven to accumulate in the human body over time. The question is whether Ni200 coils produce enough oxide to actually cause harm. At this point, there isn’t enough information to say what the long term effects of nickel exposure through vaping may have on the human body. Titanium also produces oxides which could potentially cause respiratory issues if breathed in large enough quantities. That being said, the amount of titanium oxide produced when vaping is minimal and may have little effects in the long run in comparison to other exposure factors such as white paint

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