Frequently Asked Questions

 What does PG and VG stand for?

·         PG stands for Propylene Glycol. PG is typically the main base ingredient in normal e-liquid and is responsible for carrying the flavour and simulating the feeling of smoking.

·         VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. VG is responsible for creating the clouds and softening and thickening the liquid.

·         Liquids are typically a blend of PG and VG in different ratios.

I am new to personal vaporizers and am still craving cigarettes, is this normal?

·         Transitioning to vaping is different for everyone. It can take a fair amount of time for some people to fully withdraw from the chemicals present in cigarettes. If you are still feeling nicotine cravings, you may need to up your nicotine level or upgrade your battery.  It is perfectly normal to still crave traditional cigarettes for a while. As long as you are gradually reducing your cigarette intake, you’re on the right path.

I am under the age of 19, can I purchase your products?

·         You must be 19 or older to purchase our products.

Why does my vaporizer taste burnt?

·         A burnt flavour in your juice is normally caused by a coil that needs changing. That taste is the best way to tell if you need to change your coil.  Changing the coil normally remedies the burnt taste, but you may also need to change the liquid and rinse out your tank if the bad taste persists.

My atomizer makes a cracking / popping sound when I vape it. Is this normal?

·         The crackling noise you’re hearing is the coil heating the liquid and is normal during operation. When the liquid vaporizes, it pops and crackles the same way that water does when it boils.

I wish to put alternative substances such as dry herb or concentrates in my device, is this ok?

·         It is typically not recommended as the majority of devices we carry are designed to work specifically with e-liquid. There are alternative products available for concentrates and dry herb.

I added a new flavour to my tank, how do I get the old flavour out?

·         It really depends on the flavours you have been using. Certain flavours are powerful and may linger which requires a coil change to remedy. If you are changing flavours and do not wish to change the coil, it is recommended that you use similar flavours as it will be less noticeable.

·         E.g. If using a fruit flavour, it is best to follow it with another fruit flavour as they tend to harmonize better.

My e-liquid is fogging up my tank. What causes this?

·         Flavours with high acidity can have an effect on plastic tanks. This can manifest in fogging, cracking, or leaking as the plastic is broken down. Acidic flavours such as citrus, and cinnamon should only be used in glass or metal tanks. Feel free to ask one of our team if you are unsure if you have the proper gear for acidic juice.

Does temperature affect the quality of my e-liquid?

·         Temperature can have an effect on e-liquid. It is best to store your liquid at room temperatures out of sunlight.

I have been a long time smoker. Do personal vaporizers actually work?

·         Personal vaporizers are made to simulate the feeling of traditional cigarettes. We have received many testimonials from customers who have successfully transitioned to vaporizers. It is important to remember that you may experience chemical withdrawals when switching to vaporizers as they do not contain the 3000+ additional chemicals that traditional tobacco products do.

How long do coils usually last?

·         The lifespan of coils varies greatly and depends on the coil type, the viscosity of the ejuice used, and the voltage/wattage the coil is run at.  The average coil length is around 1-2 weeks. It is a good idea to have spare coils on hand if you run into this situation and are away from home.

Are there any side effects when switching from cigarettes to personal vaporizers?

·         Typically, the negative side effects felt when transitioning to vaping are caused by chemical withdrawals from tobacco cessation, though they are often wrongly attributed to vaporizer use. That being said, a small percentage of people are sensitive to propylene glycol and may experience sinus or throat irritation and dry mouth. If you experience these side effects, we usually recommend switching to a PG free blend.

I am interested in giving vaping a try, where can I find your stores?

·         We have five locations on Vancouver Island and one store in NEW Westminster. Our website provides up-to-date addresses and phone numbers if you are having difficulty locating us.

Is it cheaper to vape than it is to smoke?

·         Yes, it is far cheaper to vape than it is to smoke. An average pack a day smoker spends roughly $300 per month. Vaping is significantly more cost effective with your first gear purchase being the most expensive part. An average user will typically use around $30-$50 dollars worth of e-liquid and parts per month. This means that, for an average user, the cost of vaping is around 10% what it would cost to smoke.

What is a clearomzer/atomizer?

·         Often referred to as a tank, it is the top piece that threads onto your battery. This device works as an e-liquid receptacle and typically contains a coil.

How to I properly maintain my device?

·         It is a good idea to perform regular maintenance on your device to ensure that it continues to function properly. Make sure to clean the battery contact and charger to ensure good conductivity. Also, remember to wash out your tank occasionally for sanitary purposes. Feel free to ask our staff about device specific maintenance.

How long does e-liquid last before expiring?

·         The typical shelf life of normal e-liquid is approximately 2 years from manufacturing date. Liquids that do not contain propylene glycol tend to have a shorter shelf life and should be vaped within 6 months of bottling. 

What is vaping, and how is it different from smoking?

·         Vaping differs from smoking in a few fundamental ways. Smoke is created through an open flame. Vaporizing doesn’t involve an open flame with reduces the temperature the materials are exposed to and, as a result, does not release the harmful chemicals and by-products normally found in smoke. Also, vapours tend to not stick to walls as it doesn’t produce any tar. Vapour disperses much faster and does not have a strong odour.

I accidentally got some of the liquid in my mouth or eyes, what do I do?

·         If you accidentally get some e-liquid in your mouth you should rinse it out immediately and do not swallow it. If any irritation should occur, please contact your physician or poison control.

·         If you get e-liquid in your eyes, rinse them out with cool water for 10 minutes. If irritation continues, contact your physician.

General information on battery safety.

·         Do not overcharge or overdischarge batteries.

·         Do not leave your batteries on the charger unattended. It is a good idea to check on the charger every 15-30 minutes

·         Leaving batteries on overnight can cause them to be overcharged which can result in battery failure

·         Do not charge batteries over 4.25 volts as it may reduce its lifespan. Charging over 4.5 volts can cause the battery to burst.

·         Recharge batteries that have dropped below 3.6V and try not to overdrain them. If the battery is drained below 3.6 volts it may never recharge fully.

·         Do not short circuit your batteries. Shorting can potentially burn out your battery.

·         Keep in mind that batteries have unique amp drain limits. Building coils with low resistance may push the battery past its amp drain limit which can cause thermal overload.

·         Do not let your batteries touch metallic items. When carrying spare batteries, make sure to keep them in an insulated case. Loose change and other metallic items can create a path between the positive and negative contacts.