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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic cigarette (personal vaporizer) and why is it different from a traditional tobacco cigarette?

E-Cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) also known as personal vaporizers are intended to replicate the smoking experience and yet have been proven safe for vaping by the consumer. The user inhales vapours that are created through a heating process that vaporizes a liquid solution within the device.

The solution can be composed of varying ingredients but commonly includes: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and mixed with concentrated flavours and optionally, a variable concentration of nicotine.  There is no second-hand smoke that cigarettes produce and second-hand vapour is not harmful to non-smokers or fellow vapers. 

Is it cheaper to "vape"? (Smoking Versus Vaping)
Yes, at least 75% cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  That's a huge savings on your pocketbook.
For example, if you get set up with an KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit, here's the cost breakdown for the first month.  For this purpose, a pack-a-day smoker.
Startup Cost for the First Month
Kit                                     $79.95 (includes 1 10ml bottle of e-juice)
E-juice                                $25.50 (avg. cost of 3 10ml bottles - 1 per week)
Total                                  $105.45
So starting your second month, you would buy 4 more bottles of 10ml e-juice (it's even cheaper to buy a 30ml bottle) and some replacement coils for the clearomizers.  *Now your cost is only around $50 per month on average for "vaping".
*The cost will vary depending on how much you "vape".  For lighter smokers, you might use less e-juice; for heavier smokers you'll obviously use more. 
Now, consider comparing the cost with traditional cigarettes.  On average a pack of cigarettes costs between $10-$12.  If you multiply that by 30 days the cost is between $300 to $360 per month.  Yikes!!!
What is a clearomizer and what does it do?
A clearomizer is the component of the unit that you would fill with the e-juice that when connected to the battery (e-cig/vaporizer unit) converts the e-juice liquid into a vapour using a heated coil system.  For example, the EVOD clearomizer is a changeable coil system. When a coil wears out (typically lasting 1-2 weeks) depending on the individual user usage) you simply replace the coil.
How long will the batteries last and how long do they take to charge?
It depends on how often you use them.  Battery life depends on the type of battey and how well they are looked after.  For example, an EVOD 650mAh size battery will last an average of 4 hours of usage.  Of course larger batteries may last an entire day or longer before needing to be recharged.  Recharging time is typically between 2-5 hours (again varies by size).  Be careful not to overcharge the batteries as this could shorten the lifespan of the battery.  When indicator light turn green on the usb charger for an EVOD battery, then the battery is fully charged.  Battery life will vary due to vaping usage so cannot be guaranteed for any length of time.
Can I smoke anywhere, even indoors?
The laws in Canada against smoking are specific to tobacco products. As the vaporizer is tobacco-free, it is not currently governed by these laws; however, there are now restrictions in many municipalites that prohibit vaping in public places and indoors and are still perceived as "smoking" so it is treated as the laws in place for traditional cigarettes.  The government is not yet convinced that vaping is safe for the consumer and they just need to be educated.  Now that there is much proof available to prove that vaping is a healthier alternative to tobacco usage, we are working toward getting e-cigs/vaporizers regulated in an entire new classification. Cigarette smoke and vapour are not at all similar other than the visual aspect of it.
Are there any side effects when switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic vaporizers?

If you are going from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaporizers, most of the side effects you will feel are actually the result of the toxins and tar leaving your body.  Here are some of the side effects of switching from smoking cigarettes ...

  • An increase in coughing as your body gets rid of the toxins and tar built up in your body
  • Headaches - Typically last a few days

Many people who switch from traditional tobacco smoking to electronic vaporizers think that these side effects are from the unit, when in fact, they are causd by the body healing itself after years of abuse from tobacco cigarettes.

Here are some positive effects when switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaporizers ...  

  • Increase sense of taste and smell
  • No smelly hands, hair, clothing and the environment
  • No bad breath 
  • Teeth become whiter
  • Overall sense of accomplishment and well-being
  • The great feeling of control!
What is in the e-juice?

There the main ingredients in e-juice ...

  • E-Juice base is commonly a mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) which are used in foods and medicine around the world, and have been labeled a safe ingredient by the FDA and Health Canada.
  • Some e-juices may contain nicotine  (but it's not necessary if you don't want it) 
  • Flavoring - all flavour additives are safe for human consumption according to both the FDA and Health Canada.
What is Vegetable Glycerin?
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is used alongside or in place of Propylene Glycol in order to enhance the visual vapour created when you vape. It is a carbohydrate which is created from plant oils and is also used in both cosmetics and sweeteners.
Vegetable Glycerin is produced in varying grades to include food-grade which is 99.7% pure VG with the remainder being water. VG is commonly used in foods that are marketed as being low in carbs and is not considered harmful to your health.
Vapour smokers, however, like to use VG for two reasons: 1 As a substitute for propylene glycol if they are allergic or have any sensitivity to PG, or 2 If they want to use a little greener mix in their e liquid.