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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vaping an electronic vaporizer and smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette?

Vaping is the same idea as smoking; the actual vaping will take some getting used to.  Here are some of the differences ...

  • The electronic vaporizer is heavier than a regular cigarette but looks very similar with some models.  
  • The vapor produced from vaporizers has almost no smell, and dissipates very quickly, unlike tobacco smoke which hangs around and, well, you know .... stinks! 
  • The e-juice used for vaping is available in many flavors (some are really cool, like vanilla, peach, cola, pomegranate, grape koolaid, and so many others. Traditional cigarettes, with the exception of menthol flavor, all have basically the same taste.
  • You don't need to "light up" a vaporizer so you don't need to have a lighter on hand. 
  • They use batteries, so it is important to have extra batteries charged.
  • Most vapers will prime their device before taking a long inhale. This is basically a small puff to get the atomizer hot and started before taking in a larger inhale. 
Is it cheaper to "vape"? (Smoking Versus Vaping)
Yes, at least 75% cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  That's a huge savings on your pocketbook.
For example, if you get set up with a "vaping" kit, here's the cost breakdown for the first month.  For this purpose, I'll use our VS808PCC-MINI model as an example and a pack-a-day smoker.
Startup Cost for the First Month
Kit                                     $74.95 (includes 1 pkg of empty cartomizers)
E-juice                                $31.80 (4 bottles - 1 per week)
Total                                  $106.75
So starting your second month, you would buy 1 or 2  pkgs of empty cartridges if needed, 4 more bottles of 10ml e-juice (it's even cheaper to buy a 30ml bottle),  .  *Now your cost is only about $38 per month on average for "vaping".
*The cost will vary depending on how much you "vape".  For lighter smokers, you might use less e-juice; for heavier smokers you'll obviously use more. 
Now, consider comparing the cost with traditional cigarettes.  On average a pack of cigarettes costs between $8-$10.  If you multiply that by 30 days the cost is between $240 to $300 per month.  Yikes!!!
What is an atomizer and what does it do?
An atomizer is the part of the unit that converts the e-juice liquid into a vapor. It is situated between the battery and the cartridge. Atomizers are not meant to last forever, and wear out over time. A typical atomizer can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how often it's used.
What are the differences between manual switch batteries and automatic batteries?
Automatic batteries and manual switch batteries play a role in heating the atomizer.  With an automatic battery, when you take a drag, the atomizer will automatically heat up and create the vapour and the battery will automatically turn off after a decent drag.  With the manual switch battery, you push the button down when you take a drag, allowing a longer drag, and creates even more vapour.  The battery shuts off when you release the button.  Another feature the manual switch battery has is if you hold the button down for 10 seconds, the LED light will flash several times as a warning that you have held the button down too long, creating too much heat of the atomizer and ultimately if done frequently will kill it and you'll need to buy a replacement.  You should only hold the button down for about 5 seconds and take one 5 second puff.
How long will the batteries last and how long do they take to charge?
It depends on how often you use them.  Battery life depends on the type of kit and how well they are looked after.  On average, a battery will last from 2 hours for the smaller batteries to an entire day or longer for the EGO batteries.  Recharging time is typically between 2-5 hours (5 hours referring to the EGO).  Be careful not to overcharge the batteries as this could kill the battery.  When indicator lights turn green, then they are fully charged.  Batteries can be charged up to 300 times.
Can I smoke anywhere, even indoors?
The laws in Canada against smoking are specific to tobacco products. As the vaporizer is tobacco-free, it is not governed by these laws; however, because the unit is still new to a lot of people, many don't understand what it is, and assume it is either a traditional cigarette or some sort of smoking device.  It is best to be discreet when using your unit in public places.  In bars and restaurants, it is best to ask permission to vape, as it is the owners' right to refuse any patron as they see fit.
Are there any side effects when switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic vaporizers?

If you are going from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaporizers, most of the side effects you will feel are actually the result of the toxins and tar leaving your body.  Here are some of the side effects of switching from smoking cigarettes ...

  • An increase in coughing as your body gets rid of the toxins and tar built up in your body
  • Headaches - Typically last a few days

Many people who switch from traditional tobacco smoking to electronic vaporizers think that these side effects are from the unit, when in fact, they are causd by the body healing itself after years of abuse from tobacco cigarettes.

Here are some positive effects when switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaporizers ...  

  • Increase sense of taste and smell
  • No smelly hands, hair, clothing and the environment
  • No bad breath 
  • Teeth become whiter
  • Overall sense of accomplishment and well-being
  • The great feeling of control!
What is in the e-juice?

There are four main ingredients in e-juice ...

  • Water
  • Some e-juices may contain Propylene Glycol (AKA PG) which is used in foods and medicine around the world, and has been labeled a safe ingredient by the FDA and Health Canada.
  • Some e-juices may contain nicotine  (but it's not necessary if you don't want it) - it is considered to be a drug and highly addictive. 
  • Flavoring - all flavor additives are safe for human consumption according to both the FDA and Health Canada.
What is Vegetable Glycerin?
Vegetable Glycerin(VG) is used in place of Propylene Glycol in order to make the visual smoke created when you vape. It is a carbohydrate which is created from plant oils and is also used in both cosmetics and sweeteners.
Vegetable Glycerin is produced in varying grades to include food-grade which is 99.7% pure VG with the remainder being water. VG is commonly used in foods that are marketed as being low in carbs and is not considered harmful to your health.
Vapor smokers, however, like to use VG for two reasons: 1 As a substitute for propylene glycol if they are allergic or have any sensitivity to PG, or 2 If they want to use a little greener mix in their e liquid.