We want you to choose the right battery for your lifestyle so take your time and feel free to contact through phone or email if you have any questions! Keep in mind that you will need a battery capable of lasting throughout the day: If you were a pack a day smoker, we recommend a battery that is 1000mah or higher. During the transition to vaping, it is imperative that your battery doesn’t die when you are away from its charger.

We also recommend regular cleaning of your battery. Take some time every week to clean out the battery contact with a tissue or Q-tip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. If too much juice pools on the connection, it can leak into your battery and damage the circuitry.

Proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your battery. Try not to drop your battery as it can damage the soldered connections inside. It is always a good idea to have a spare battery in case yours stops functioning for whatever reason. Remember, we are always available to help you with product selection or troubleshooting, so feel free to call or email us if you are unsure about anything.

 A few words of caution: If you plan to use a usb wall adapter plug to charge your e-cig battery, only use a maximum of 5V / 500mAh wall plug. Do not use an iPhone or other type of cellphone wall plug that outputs more than 500mAh or it may ruin or shorten the lifespan of your e-cig battery.  If you do not have an approved usb wall adapter plug for e-cigs be sure to purchase one before attempting to charge your battery using a wall plug.

If you purchase an e-cig battery that does not come with a usb charger, please ensure that you purchase the most appropriate usb charger for best charging results.

KANGERTECH EVOD BATTERIES - use a KangerTech EVOD usb charger or a Hehpower usb charger
JOYETECH BATTERIES - use a Joyetech brand charger or HehPower usb charger
ANXINHENG BATTERIES - use an Anxinheng brand charger or HehPower usb charger
VISION SPINNNER BATTERIES - use a Vision brand charger.

The HehPower brand usb charger is a universal top-end charger and will work on all EGO top-end charging batteries that we have tested.

EGO batteries require a 420mAh EGO usb charger.
510 and 808 batteries require a 150 - 200mAh usb charger 

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